FASPE offers immersive programs in professional ethics and ethical leadership.   We begin by examining the role professionals played in the rise of Nazism and Nazi policies to demonstrate the power professionals wield in society and the importance of everyday ethical decision-making.  With this background, we then explore current issues in professional ethics, including tactics for identifying and responding to them.  We base our programs in Berlin and Poland and hold daily seminars at sites of Nazi action, allowing participants to benefit from the power of the place.

Study Trips

FASPE offers week-long study trips for experienced professionals.  The 2020 programs will run from April 25 - May 2 and October 10-17.  More information is found on the specific form below.

Fellowship Programs

FASPE awards 75 fellowships in professional ethics and ethical leadership across its five programs: Business, Journalism, Law, Medical, and Seminary. These are open to American and international graduate students and early-career professionals.

All FASPE programs are non-denominational. Candidates of all religious, ethnic, cultural, and national backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

FASPE is an independent non-profit charitable organization pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Thank you for your interest in FASPE's 2021 Study Trip.  

Over the week-long program, we stand in the place of Nazi perpetrators--literally and figuratively--as we examine the role professionals played in supporting and enabling Nazi policies.  We travel through Berlin and Poland and hold daily sessions at sites of Nazi actions, including the House of the Wannsee Conference, the Brandenburg Memorial Center, and Auschwitz.

We intersperse historical discussions with seminars on current issues in professional ethics and ethical leadership, allowing participants to examine professional ethics and personal motivations from contemporary and historical perspectives and in an immersive, powerful setting.

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